Fundraising Tips

How to Start Fundraising

Once you've set up your personal page, you're ready to start fundraising! Here are some tips and tricks to help you hit your goal:

Personalize your page

Tell your friends, family members, and colleagues why you are raising money for Expect Miracles Foundation.

Reach out to your network

College friends, church acquaintances, professional & personal connections, etc. You know more people than you think!

Raise money per mile

Ask for $5 per mile, $100 when you hit your goal, etc.

Match your donations

See if your company has a matching gifts program (and ask your donors to do the same).

Get creative

How you ask for donations in emails and social media is important! 


When you post on social media or share via email with your networks, always include the link to donate!

Fundraising Ideas

If you are still working from home and not commuting, donate the amount you would otherwise spend on gas.

Working in your pajamas? Donate what you're saving on dry cleaning bills!

Skip the weekly takeout and donate the money you would have spent.

Create a fun incentive! For example, “If 5 people donate today, I'll (fill in the blank: jump in the pool fully clothed, post a video of my pet's silliest trick, etc).”

How to build your team

Reach out to everyone you know

The Distance Challenge is a great opportunity to reconnect with colleagues, friends, and family, get active, and engage in a friendly competition – you never know who will want to join your team (or create their own).

Think about your networks

Professional networks, local neighbors and friends, running clubs, book clubs…get creative and ask them all. You may be surprised at who says yes!

Share your team page on social media

Let people know why you’re participating in the Distance Challenge and encourage others to join you in creating lasting impact in the cancer community.